Gregg & Sherrie Piburn


Workshop reviews
"My relationship with my husband will benefit greatly from several points they made today. And I loved hearing from Sherrie and others during her breakout session.” -Seattle, arthritis patient

"Everything about the presentations was great. They demonstrated that honestly working through the chaos of a situation can bring about great outcomes.” -Beaver Dam, Wis., physician

“They truly understand the issues of chronic illness and offer can-do solutions for improving your relationships.”
-Boston, chronic illness sufferer

"I now have a better understanding of my wife’s illness and what I can do to help her.” -Boston, caregiver

"Gregg is a great inspirational speaker, and his paradigm for improving communication is very helpful in this difficult situation. Thank you, Sherrie, for your candor. There is nothing fun about living with chronic illness, but you have been inspiring and comforting to us in this journey.” -Boston, caregiver

Past sponsors
“The program was well-constructed, appropriate to the audience (which was made up of  people living with fibromyalgia & the people who love them), and a joy to participate in (it was participative and not just being "talked to”). The vignettes were funny and appropriate to the topic of each section and helped audience members relate to their experiences. I received numerous comments from persons who attended that they really enjoyed the presentation, were better able to relate to their spouse's experiences after hearing Gregg & Sherrie speak, and people living with fibromyalgia, especially, felt validated.” -Valerie W. Kiesel, M.C., Facilitator, Fibro Folks Of Seattle

“The recent program we had with Gregg and Sherrie was truly a groundbreaking one for the Arthritis Foundation Massachusetts Chapter. The story and role of the caretaker is far too often not told, and Gregg and Sherrie have developed such an effective way of sharing their story that compels an audience to hear and understand that they are not alone. I was expecting great things for the program, but was so pleasantly surprised with how candid and fluid Gregg and Sherrie worked with one another during their presentation.”
-Pamela J. Parker, Director of Programs & Special Events, Arthritis Foundation, Massachusetts Chapter

Beyond Chaos book reviews
“Gregg Piburn’s opus is excellent. He clearly has walked the walk and talks the talk in eloquent fashion. Thank goodness.”
-John Winfield, MD

“One cannot walk away from reading this thoughtful prose without greater wisdom and newfound strength. As a person with a chronic disease, I feel humbled yet challenged by the revelations contained in this bittersweet manuscript. One thing’s for sure, I’ll look at my husband differently and hopefully, because of Gregg’s willingness to share, our lives will be richer and true.”
-Janet S. Austin, Ph.D.

“My husband needed this book so badly. He bought it on his own and reads it a lot. This book is saving our marriage.”
-Reader review on