Gregg & Sherrie Piburn


True Companions is truly a unique company within the health industry. Among other things, it:

           1. Serves the physically healthy partner as much as the person who is ill; and
           2. Focuses not on physical ailments but relational and emotional aspects of
              chronic illness on couples.

Gregg and Sherrie apply their professional skills and talents to serve their clients in three ways:

A typical workshop includes a keynote address by the couple along with facilitated small-group breakout sessions. Contact Gregg for a schedule of events or to inquire about hosting or sponsoring a workshop.

Personal coaching sessions
Gregg is a long-time personal coach who practices a unique brand of behind-the-scenes support to help individuals and couples address issues and goals. These sessions are conducted by phone. Contact Gregg for pricing and packages.

Social media
Through blogs, Facebook and Twitter (and future communication channels), Gregg and Sherrie stay connected to individuals and couples facing the same challenges they have endured.