Gregg & Sherrie Piburn
By Gregg Piburn
It takes two to tango and two to be True Companions in the world of chronic illness.

Through our products and services couples will learn how to grow stronger in their relationship despite chronic illness that seems to weaken the sick person (and the relationship, in many cases).

But to turn chronic illness from a relational wedge to a springboard takes courage. It’s not the courage of a firefighter running into a burning building but the bravery of taking off masks, being authentic, communicating at a higher level than ever before and practicing the fine art of resilience.

Hasty generalization: Men enjoy the daydreams – if not the reality – of physical courage but can get sweaty palms thinking about that other kind of courage. So men, I’m challenging you to take courage to a broader and higher level in your life. What do you have to win by doing so? How about the unending love of your partner?

And lest you think our messages and methods are limited to that of an Oprah broadcast, you’ll be pleased to know that I speak and write about my experiences as an athlete (yes, I was a Denver Bronco – for 3 hours – and a rodeo bull rider – for 3 seconds – among other athletic endeavors) and our son is a Marine. Heck, even Sherrie gets down and dirty as an estate gardener during her summers at our little Colorado cabin.

Speaking of athletics, we ask you to be participants rather than spectators when it comes to building relationship in the midst of chronic illness. We’ll show you some cool ways to be active and strong participants.

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