Gregg & Sherrie Piburn
You are an ideal True Companions client if some or all of the below are true for you:
·         You or your partner (spouse/significant other) are chronically ill.
·         You feel strain on your relationship as a result of the illness.
·         You feel as if you are losing grip of your self-image.
·         You seem to be losing friends because of the illness.
·         Your work is being impacted by the illness.
·         Your self-image is starting to take a beating.
·         You feel weak and dependent.
·         You feel like a martyr.
·         You’ve about had it.
·         BUT, despite all of that, you and your partner have the courage and commitment to stay together for a lifetime.

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Gregg & Sherrie Piburn
  “I’m a sweaty, pathetic wrestler about to be pinned
       by Sher’s illness, or boredom, or maybe it’s just life.”
        -- journal excerpt, Oct. 14, 1987
"That journal entry, written two years into my wife’s health problems, captured in 19 words what I felt about the life of being married to someone who is chronically ill. Through our struggles and many mistakes – mostly on my part – Sherrie and I started gaining some wisdom about how to handle the emotional and relational impact of chronic illness on couples and families.

My book, Beyond Chaos: One Man’s Journey Alongside His Chronically Ill Wife, was published by the Arthritis FoundationThe journal entry above was included in the book.

Sherrie and I have been married since 1973 and our relationship is stronger than ever as it has been tested by the fire of chronic illness and other challenges life throws at people. And Sher’s health has improved significantly in the last few years.

We’ve given presentations around the country about our experiences and given advice on how couples can cope with this 'Intruder' called chronic illness. Finally, in 2011 we decided to get serious about helping other couples impacted by long-term illness. Thus was born the company True Companions.

You are not alone and there is hope. Chronic illness can be a wedge that drives couples apart or a springboard to build an even stronger relationship. We look forward to supporting you."
-Gregg Piburn